Playtime by Eimmie Soft Rag Doll for Girls - 14” First Baby Doll for Kids - Plush Baby Toy - Safe for All Ages

$29.99 $20.00
SKU: 0414ALL
Color: All
Adorable 14" rag dolls with fun, expressive faces.

  • EIMMIE: Playtime by Eimmie, one of the most recognizable names in the doll clothing/furniture space, is delighted to bring these 3 lovely soft rag dolls: Allie, Eimmie, and Kaylie.
  • SOFT: Allie, Eimmie, and Kaylie are each made of very soft plush, which makes them the perfect cuddle buddies for your youngster.
  • DETAILED: Each doll is carefully designed and features an embroidered nose, mouth, as well as embroidered eyes. The clothing is both detailed and removable, allowing for outfit changes.
  • SIZE: 14 Inches Tall
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