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Sports Snugibles 2 for $99 code TEAMWORK
or 1 for $59.99 with SINGLET at Checkout
Sports Snugibles 2 for $99 code TEAMWORK
or 1 for $59.99 with SINGLET at Checkout



What is a Plushible?

A Plushible is so much more than just a stuffed animal. Each one embodies the spirit of giving in the classic, lovable form of a plush toy. They also strive to meet our motto, “Bridging Miles with Smiles,” by carrying your warm thoughts to loved ones near and far—our gift-ready packaging makes their job (and yours) easy! Everything about Plushibles makes them the cuddliest way to show someone you care.


What is the Plushible rating scale on each of the product pages?

    The rating scales are our team’s unique means of describing a Plushible’s most important features: Shag, Squish, and Love. Shag refers to each Plushible’s surface texture, from smooth fleece to long cottony fur. Squish is more about the structure of the Plushible; is it a floppy-limbed bean toy or a firmer plush that can hold a pose? Love is definitely the easiest to rate—it’s always off the charts! All of our Plushibles were chosen because of their desire to be friends with the owner of whatever mailbox they wind up in, so whether it’s a shaggy bear or a sleek dinosaur, they’re sure to make your day!

      The symbols at each end of the scales represent the different levels of shagginess and squishiness our Plushibles have. The example above indicates that the Plushible has pretty shaggy fur or a high level of interesting textures (which is great for babies learning about different tactile sensations!). It also falls in the middle of the squishiness scale, meaning that it might have a well-stuffed body and floppy arms or is overall the perfect blend of soft and firm. Love, as usual, is maxed out!


      How is each Plushible named?
      Sometimes Plushibles come to us already named, like the Pillow Kreechers, but mostly we get to take the time to name each one ourselves. Having a fun name adds to the uniqueness and personality of each Plushible, and we have fun bestowing them based on the colors and patterns of their fur or even the ornery gleam in their eyes. However, much like when you adopt a pet, if you think a different name would better suit your Plushible, then by all means change it! Having the right name is just one more part of making your Plushible perfect for you and your loved ones.


      How much does a Plushible cost? 
      Sending a Plushible costs less than flowers and their love lasts forever! Prices differ for each Plushible, and additional gift add-ons are extra, but shipping is ALWAYS free in the U.S.


        Shipping and Timing

        What is gift-ready packaging? What does your packaging look like?
        Our gift-ready packaging means that the Plushible you send shows up at your loved one’s home looking cute and cozy with no extra effort on your part! On top of convenience, our packaging is versatile—each Plushible arrives in our custom printed box that's sure to get the attention of recipient. Your plushible will be placed lovingly in the box with some gift-wrap quality tissue paper, and will be ready for giving! NO WRAPPING REQUIRED!  Adding usefulness to cuteness is one more reason that Plushibles make the perfect present!




          Can I place an order over the phone?
          Absolutely! Our gift experts are available to help you put together the perfect package. They can be reached via phone at( 888) 611-8501 and online through live chat during the following hours:

            Monday thru Thursday, 8:30am - 4:30pm & Friday 8:30am - 4pm, EST.


            Do you offer coupons?
            When you follow Plushible on social media, you’ll be in on all sorts of great coupons and promotions! We also have a Plushible newsletter for you to subscribe to. That way, you’ll never miss out on any of our great seasonal offers or special promotions!


              Payment Questions

              What forms of payment to do accept?
              At we accept PayPal, Amazon Pay, and the following credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.


              Is it safe to use my credit card or debit card on your site?

              Yes; we use a wide array of measures to keep your personal information safe. Plushible respects the safety of your online footprint and even provides a FREE Norton Shopping Guarantee on every purchase.


              What is the Norton Shopping Guarantee?

              The Norton Shopping Guarantee is an extra safeguard that enables online merchants to provide their buyers an independently guaranteed shopping experience for total peace of mind. In other words, they protect your personal information and ensure that you will be fully refunded if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase.

                Anytime you make an eligible purchase from you will automatically receive the following program benefits for 30 days at no cost to you:

                - $10,000 Identity Theft Protection: Receive comprehensive assistance and financial coverage if your identity is stolen anywhere online or offlin

                - $1,000 Purchase Guarantee: All terms (returns, refunds, shipping, etc) are independently guaranteed

                - $100 Lowest Price Guarantee: If the published store price drops, we will pay you the difference, up to $100

                After your purchase is complete, you’ll receive a Norton Shopping Guarantee certificate via email—keep it safe in the event you need to file a claim. Again, enrollment is absolutely free and there is nothing extra to do on your end.



                Where are you located?
                Plushible is located in a small suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called North Randall where our offices and warehouse are all under one roof.  

                  You may send us snail mail or visit us at:

                  20801 Miles Road Unit D
                  North Randall, OH 44128


                  How long has been around?

         may be a brand new website from the team at OrangeOnions, but it comes with over a decade’s of experience coupled with a worldwide logistical network.

                    OrangeOnions has been a family-owned Cleveland business since 2007. Originally started as a way for its founder and CEO to support his family during his time in law school, OrangeOnions has grown into a 104,000 square-foot retail warehouse and office in North Randall, Ohio.  Selling toys and other consumer products through online marketplaces as well as through their own branded websites (including,, and, OrangeOnions is proud to have been featured on 2016’s list of top 1000 online retailers and is currently A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau (


                    What is your company all about?

                    We believe that everyone deserves a smile, so we work endlessly to deliver the cutest stuffed animals at the best value for our customers. We understand that family and friends can’t always be close, so we’ve made it affordable to send lasting, memorable gifts for any holiday or occasion.

                    Can I share the story of my Plushible with you?

                    Of course! We would love to hear all about how your Plushible loves its new home and about all the smiles you were able to send. Share your stories on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with the hastag #plushible for a special coupon to use on your next purchase.

                    I have a question not listed here, who should I contact?

                    If you have any suggestions, comments, or have experienced any technical issues while browsing our site, we want to hear from you!

                    We are available via phone at(888) 611-8501 and Live Chat during the following hours:
                    Monday thru Thursday, 8:30am - 4:30pm & Friday 8:30am - 4pm, EST.
                    - or - 
                    Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.