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"Dizzy" the 14in Needle Nose Red Headed Woodpecker by KooKoo Play Pals

SKU: 89980

Wow! It's a KooKoo Zoo KooKoo Bird! "Dizzy" is a wacky woodpecker who wants to snuggle up with you when his day of chipping away at trees is through. Each KooKoo Bird Play Pal makes its own unique KooKoo Kall when you squeeze its beak and opens into a 14 x 18 pillow that's perfect for home, travel, sleepovers, or daycare. Join this KooKoo Bunch in a world of fun and laughter. KooKoo Birds are full of surprises from their KooKoo expressions to their long-winded names and their KooKoo Kalls. Each one is a unique experience! Go Totally KooKoo and Koollect the entire flock!

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