The Vizier's Funhouse: An Expansion of Epic Proportions" for Alhambra - The Vizier's Favor

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Take your Alhambra experience to the next level with this expansion pack - Alhambra: The Viziers Favor. The set contains four modules that can be used individually or together, offering more game-play possibilities. Exchange Office allows you to purchase buildings with two different currencies, Bonus Cards will enable you to reveal secret tiles that count as an additional building of the type shown, and Building Huts provide extra tiles to build as an additional action choice, in addition to buying and placing buildings, rearranging your Alhambra and taking money. This expansion is suitable for up to 26 players aged eight and up. Enjoy a board game adventure lasting 45 to 60 minutes for 2 to 6 players!
🎲 Plays well with 2-6 players
🎲 Contains 4 modules which can be combined individually or all together
🎲 More strategies available

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