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Abbey" the 8in Plush Duck Little Girl Handbag Purse by Gitzy"
Albert" the 11in Glowberry Bears in Blue by The Brainy Company
Amethyst" the 12in Sitting Purple Bear by Gitzy"
Amore" the 21in Cream Animated Singing "I Love You" Teddy Bear"
Andy" the 18in Sitting Bear with Bow by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company"
"Apple" the 8.5in Teacher Teddy Bear by Gund
"Applejack" the 11in Plush by My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
April" the 15in Stuffed Giraffe in Yellow by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company
Arthur" the 9in Wattle Animals in Blue by Gitzy
"Aspen" the 12in Winter White Bear with Maroon and Gray Striped Snow Hat
"Barkley" the 9in Musical Dog by The Petting Zoo
"Beau" the 20in Baby Bow Huge Goodnight Stuffed Teddy Bear in Pink by Russ Berrie
Bernardette" the 11in Lil Peepers Mommy and Me Saint Bernard by Russ Berrie
Bernie the 14in Burgundy Merlot Teddy Bear by Russ Berrie
"Berry" the 12in Tutti Fruitti Plush Dog by Gund
Big Red" the 10in Red Dog with Sunglasses and Heart by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company"
Bitty" the 8in Baby Bow Plush Stuffed Rattle Bunny in Pink by Russ Berrie"
"Blanche" Kamp Kreecher Pack
Blanche" the 11.5in Kreecher Pillow by Manhattan Toy"
"Blinky" the 10.5in Blue Plush Puppy and Blanket Set by KidKraft
"Blossom" the 9in Dark Pink Bunny Rabbit Plush by Gitzy
"Boney" the 18in Koo Koo Kennel Dollymation Lovable Pup by Jay At Play
"Bonnie" the 11in Winter White Plush Bear with Blue Plaid Hat by Gitzy
"Bookworm" the 8.5in Teachers Have Class Plush Teddy Bear by Gund
"Broker" the 11in Business Career Bear by Gund
"Bubba" the 30in Blue My First Teddy Bear by Gund
"Bubblegum" the 12in Feel Better Soon Pink Plush Dinosaur
"Bucky" the 11.5in Nat and Jules Cluck Rooster Animated Plush Toy
"Buffy" the 10in Blue Plush Stuffed Puppy with Hat
"Canary" the 12in Yellow Sitting Bear by Gitzy
"Candi" the 10in Pink Heart Plush Puppy by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company
"Casper" the 7.5in Corduroy Pumpkin Purse
"Charlie" the 7in Springtime Bunny Basket in Green by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company
This big 18 inch bubblegum-colored super soft shaggy plush teddy bear will brighten up your day! You can't help but smile every time you squeeze Cherry's" big soft cuddly body! "Cherry" makes the perfect bedtime buddy.
"Chewbacca" the 12in Star Wars Bird by Angry Birds
"Chick" the 9in Yellow Sparkle Plush Toy by Peeps
307 results
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