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"Twilight Sparkle" the 16in Sparkle Plush Pillow by My Little Pony


"Twilight Sparkle" is a natural leader. She's good at making sure the job gets done and discovering new things about herself and friends. If you share her love of learning, she'd be a great fit for your home!

  • AMAZING QUALITY: Made with love in every stitch, her soft slick fur and overl expressive sparkling eyes make "Twilight Sparkle" a friend for life. 
  • IN THE DETAILS: "Twilight Sparkle" is ready to fly with her adorable embroidered wings and long braid-able hair. She's loaded with details from the top of her unicorn horn to the bottom of her adorable round hoof. 
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Perfect for Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries. "Twilight Sparkle" is bursting with love and ready to let someone special know just how much you care.
  • EXTRA CUDDLY: Soft smooth fur and the perfect amount of huggable stuffing makes this My Little Pony the very best for cuddling.
  • SIZE: 16" Tall

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