SqwishLand DIY Paint Your Own SqwishLander Sqwarrot

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Collect, customize, explore and play SqwishLand is a mysterious and wonderful world of Soft nrsquo; Squishy little critters called SqwishLanders One day, a mysterious portal opened up and human kids entered the magical land and taught the SqwishLanders about the human world. Together they built an entire civilization alongside one another, strengthening their friendship This D.I.Y SqwishLand Paint Your Own SqwishLander kit comes with everything you need to customized a Sqwarrot of your very own, then play with him online in SqwishLand SqwishLand is a free, safe online game for kids age 8+ where you can adopt your favorite SqwishLanders and explore the world of SqwishLand together Play games and make friends while earning Sqwash and leveling up to solve the mysteries behind SqwishLand's SqwabblesD.I.Y Paint Your Own SqwishLander Set Includes:Your Own SqwishLander Sqwarrot Six Color Paint Pots One Paintbrush Creative Painting Guide SqwishLand Game Code
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