Russ Berrie Breezy "Bee Mine" Teddy Bear - Large Stuffed Teddy Bear with Bee Costume

$37.99 $15.00
SKU: 39361
If you know of someone who loves a bit of whimsy and a lot of sweetness, then this big bee is perfect. Wearing his bee costume and wings, he's ready to fly his way into someone's heart. A great Bee-Mine gift, great first recital, or just thinking of you. Send him somewhere he will BEE loved. This is not just another stuffed teddy bear This adorable "BREEZY BEE" Teddy Bear is a honey of a bear, full of sweetness, and as cuddly as any teddy bear can possible "bee". Wearing heart shaped bee antennas, colorful wings and bee costume, this teddy bear is just the perfect way to say "BeeMine". Breezy Bee teddy bear measures 21" tall, so there is plenty too cuddly with and love.Breezy Brown Teddy Bear Large cuddly teddy bear Perfect way to say 'Beemine' 21"
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