Russ Berrie 13" Little Lost Bear

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SKU: 93177
This is a story of a little bear, not a very brave bear, but one whose journey starts when a little boy takes him away from the big toy shop and onto a noisy train. Forgotten in all the excitement at the end of the journey, little bear is truly lost. Rescued by the stationmaster and taken to the lost property room, Little Lost Bear is left sitting on the shelf, trying hard to be brave but covering his eyes with his paws, whispering quietly, "I'll close my eyes and I'll pretend that you are here my special friend." Find room in your heart for this lovable bear that wants to be with his special friend Little Lost Bear is a light brown curly haired bear with magnets in his paws to cover and uncover his eyes. His muzzle and tummy are a soft light beige. He is 13" long and surface washable. Designed exclusively for Russ by the artist Rikey Austin.
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