Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Sports Car Travel Mug 5.825-Inch

SKU: 4023017
When is a mini van a sports car? When someone has to drive to practice. Or a tournament. Or a game. Or a match. Designer Lorrie Veasey has the perfect car travel mug to use for those occasions. The front reads SPORTS CAR and features a variety of sports balls. The back reads I'm always driving to practice or a game." This item ships with an adjustable lid that has a rubber gasket to prevent leaks and spills and the durable ceramic mug is shaped to fit most standard sized car cup holders. Dishwasher and microwave safe. This item is a great gift for any sport parent-dad or mom or a coach or team volunteer. It's a sure fire winner. From Our Name is Mud--we don't play around when it comes to making good stuff.
  • Crafted of sturdy dolomite ceramic
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Adjustable lid with rubber gasket to prevent leaks and spills
  • Fits most standard sized car cup holders
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