"Ollie" the 8in Octopus Bucket Friends by Zoocchini

$19.99 $7.00

"Ollie" the Octopus sports eight purple tentacles and a big bright head! Decorated with pretty embroidered designs, hes cute enough to cuddle, so grab a leg and go! "Ollie" comes packaged in his own designer ocean bucket thats perfect for storing toys. Its two gifts in one!

AMAZING QUALITY: Made with love in every stitch, his rich,thick purple fur and a silly embroidered smile make "Ollie" a friend for life.
IN THE DETAILS: "Ollie" is detailed from the top of his kissable round head to the tip of his too cute tentacle. A fun embroidered face and a fun hidden flower make him a one special squid! 
THE PERFECT GIFT: Perfect for Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries. "Ollie" is bursting with love and ready to let someone special know just how much you care.
EXTRA CUDDLY: Soft, extra plush fur and the perfect amount of huggable stuffing makes this awesome octopus very best at cuddling; especially with all those arms.
SIZE: 8" tall - Includes Bonus Bucket! 


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