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"Mindy" the 12in Interactive Stuffed Plush Calico Cat by KooKeys"

SKU: 119

“Mindy” the Plush Calico Cat combines a soft and cuddly real-world toy with a fun educational and safe online multiplayer game experience that is sure to enrich imaginations for kids of all ages. “Mindy” comes with a “key code” that unlocks a LIFETIME subscription to the magical KooKeys world. Players create their own avatar and design every detail of their world from their home to their clothes. There’s so much more to do in “KooLand ” the virtual world where KooKeys play! Hundreds of games are offered in KooLand that are both entertaining and educational. Players can unlock rewards and earn “KooKoins” to buy additional items by going to “KooKollege” and playing educational achievement-based games. KooKeys is the world’s first multi-lingual product-based Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) site that allows players to safely interact with kids around the world through predetermined communication phrases emoticons and animations. Kids can also use a translator feature to communicate with other kids in their native languages around the world. Kids will love it because it’s amazingly fun and parents will appreciate the website’s educational overtones and opportunities.

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