KooKoo Kennel in a Box - Hairyterrier

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You'll love to squeeze a KooKoo Kennel in a Box Plush Figure. The 12 inch Hairyterrier is a scruffy NorthHighland terrier. When you squeeze Hairyterrier's shiny nose you will hear his KooKoo sound. KooKoo Kennel Puppies are squeezable soft and fun to cuddle. Join this KooKoo Bunch in a world of fun and laughter. KooKoo Kennel Puppies are full of surprises from their KooKoo expressions, to their long winded names, and their KooKoo sounds. Each one is a unique experience. Go Totally KooKoo and Koollect the entire Kennel.Plush Friend and Pillow in One Press His Nose to Hear His Unique KooKoo Sound Cute and Unique Toy for Any Collection Pillow Measures 18" x 14"
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