Just My Style Decorate Your Own Wooden Flower Vanity Kit

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SKU: 17232
Just My Style brings a wooden vanity that has everything you'll need to creatively decorate it Kit includes 1 wooden vanity with mirror, 3 wooden charms, 50 wooden beads, 1 beading string (for bracelets), 1 acrylic paint strip, 1 paint brush, 1 double sided stamp, 1 design stencil and easy to follow instructions. (Note finished jewelry, makeup and hair accessories not included) Perfect way to personalize your bedroomComplete Kit Comes with Everything You Need to Decorate Your Own wodden Vanity Washable Paint Comes Off Clothes and Hands Easily Included Stencil for Professional Results Makes a Great Gift

  • 1 Wooden Vanity with Mirror
  • 3 Wooden Charms
  • 1 Beading String (1 yard long)
  • Acrylic Paint Strip and Paint Brush
  • 1 Double Sided Stamp and 1 Design Stencil
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