Gund EveryWhere Bear Road Trip Game - Travel Trivia

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A trip/travel must have EveryWhere Bear Trivia? Game by Gund is an illustrated game based on classic trivia. Challenge your opponents to see who the 'smartest' one on the trip is. Points are scored on the correct guess of what is on the card. The first player to guess 5 cards correct is the winner of the game. EveryWhere Bear Trivia? Game includes: 60 Categorized Trivia Question Cards and 1 Scorecard Pad packed in a 61/2" x 5" tin travel box.Great for Road Trips or Car Rides Fun Variation of Classic Trivia Hours of Cooperative Fun Play With Up To Six Players

  • 20 Illustrated "Animal" Cards
  • 20 Illustrated "Place" Cards
  • 20 Illustrated "Thing" Cards
  • 1 Scorecard Pad
  • Packed in a 6-1/2" x 5" tin travel box
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