Gitzy Jumbo Teddy Bear with "I Love You" Heart - Large Plush Bear - 35" Stuffed Animal

$89.99 $49.99
SKU: 161349
Gitzy Jumbo I Love You Heart Teddy Bear measures 35" from head to toe and is comfy, sweet and cute making it an ideal gift for fun moments, laughs and surprises with friends, family or someone special. It holds a heart that says "I Love You" making a bold statement quickly and effectively. At 35" tall, it is at an adorably huge size for a fantastic value. You can give this plush teddy bear to people of all ages to enjoy which makes it so versatile!
  • Perfect for Valentine's Day or any holiday to say I Love You to that special person
  • Measures 35 inches from head to toe
  • Extra large plush teddy bear, soft and cuddly
  • Perfect for people of all ages
  • Makes a bold statement
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