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"Blanche" the 11.5in Kreecher Pillow by Manhattan Toy"


An experiment gone horribly right! It started out innocently enough. Scientists at a top-secret pillow research laboratory were tasked with creating the ultimate kid's pillow." It would be soft. It would be cute. It would render the possessor curiously giddy. The scientists began dangerously experimenting where they cross-pollinated throw pillows with baby blankets and leg stockings. They spliced DNA from old sweaters and abandoned teddy bears and wrapped comforter innards with beanbag skins. They tried everything. And everything failed - horribly magnificently. For reasons that remain unmentioned the ill-fated project and lab were quietly shut down. The Kreechers were banished to a subterranean vault. However a handful of mischievous mutants escaped through an air vent and stowed away atop a passing RV. Today they live among us. Searching for real kids who will look past their twisted exteriors and see them for what they were always meant to be: warm fuzzy lifelong friends.

Now meet Blanche Kreecher...Pay no heed to the fainters and screamers. Blanche takes pride in being your ugly stopmonster not to mention the first pillow ever with rainbow highlights and mutated crown.


  • warm and fuzzy pillow monstrosity
  • great for cuddling and also fun room decor
  • kids will love to collect these bright unique pillows a perfect gift
  • it is like unwrapping a warm fuzzy lifelong friend
  • Size: 11.5" x 15"
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