Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company - Bradford Easter Bunny Rabbit With Blue Flowered Dress for Kids - Easter and Springtime Decoration

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SKU: 10047BLUE
A plush bunny that is every little girl's favorite playmate or baby's snuggle mate. Adorned with a blue blazon sundress that is perfect for any occasion, and soft arms that always welcome an embrace. Grab this stuffed animal by their paws or furry, floppy ears for play time Or, snuggle up to their soft fur for an afternoon nap or relaxing time with a favorite movie. The Hanging Bunny with Blue Flowered Dress makes a special gift for any little girl or baby.5" x 8" x 24" Easy to wash Hang tie on top for use as decoration Removable dress

  • EASTER BUNNY: Celebrate Easter by putting this adorable Bradford Bunny in any Easter basket.
  • DECORATIVE: A fun decoration for one of the world’s most treasured holidays. The bean-filled bottom allows the duck to sit up straight
  • SOFT: Bradford Bunny is as soft as a pillow and the perfect cuddle buddy. Bradford is surface washable so it stays clean throughout the Spring.
  • SIZE: Measure approximately 12 inches in height.
  • GIFT: Great idea during the holidays to give to loved ones.
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