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Joel Harden's Mogul: Real Estate Finance Management Game

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Joel Harden's Mogul is a breakthrough the first board game that is not only fun to play, but actually teaches you real world skills that are valuable whether you choose a career in real estate or not. Each spin around the board presents opportunities for excitement and profit. Buy a car, try your luck at the casino, or find the Big Shot Investor to sell your properties to. Move tenants into your properties, collect rent and your salary, or even get a hot tip for great deals on properties. MOGUL is an openended game. The goal is to get to a predetermined net worth first, but how you do it is up to you. Will you leverage every asset you have to gobble up as much property as you can to flip it as fast as possible, or will you take a more conservative approach. Diversify your holdings all over the board, or try and corner a neighborhood, there is no right answerGame action never stops No two games are ever the same 26 Players Ages 12 and up