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For Baby Boy

For Baby Boy
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“Wiser” the 8in Talking Plush by Legends of Oz
"Wellington" the 15in Bright Striped Cow by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company
Roger" the 25in Jumbo Springtime Bunny by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company" - Plushible.com
"Kooky" the 23in Rainbow Billed Long Tailed Blue Bird by KooKoo Play Pals
Howard" the 15in Plush Springtime Kids Stuffed Doll in Duck Outfit"
"Elliefumps" the 13in Blue Elephant by Russ Berrie
"Bubba" the 30in Blue My First Teddy Bear by Gund
“Topper” the 10in Roly Poly Penguin Xmas Pal by Gitzy
“Stretch” the 20in Blue Giraffe Plush by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company
“Stooges” the 13in Musical 3 Piece Christmas Plush Set by Gitzy
“Santa” the 20in Jumbo Stuffed Plush by Gitzy - Plushible.com
“Santa Claus” the 10” Roly Poly Xmas Pal by Gitzy - Plushible.com
“Pugsy” the 20in Roly Poly Animal Dog by Kid Stuff - Plushible.com
“Petey” the 11in Penguin with Santa Hat by Demdaco - Plushible.com
“Morie Junior” the 7in Stuffed Moose Plush by Gund - Plushible.com
“Happy” the 14in Enesco Britto Bebe Plush Bear by Gund - Plushible.com
“Donner” the 15in Reindeer Buddy Plush by Russ Berrie - Plushible.com
“Dasher” the 10in Roly Poly Reindeer Xmas Pal by Gitzy - Plushible.com
Scottie" the 24in Brown Teddy Bear with Plaid Scarf"
Donnie" the 11in Winter White Plush Bear with Green Plaid Hat by Gitzy"
Curly" the 10in Musical Mamma Lamb with Baby Sheep" - Plushible.com
Blue Bear Blanket by Russ Berrie
Yippy" the 15in Blue Happi Baby Go Happi Plush Dog by Gund"
Woodstock" the 18in Plush Tie Dyed Stegosaurus by Gitzy"
Winter" the 17in Blue Winter Baby Bear by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company"
Winston" the 12in Jay At Play Koo Koo Kennel Lovable Golden Fletcher Pillow Pup"
Willy" the 13in Studio G Fabrock Mouse by Gund"
Wakely" the 14in Lil Peeper in Black by Russ Berrie"
Trusty" the 12in Jay At Play Koo Koo Kennel Lovable St. Bernardy Pillow Pup"
Thomas" the 11in Thomas Kinkade Collector Thomas Bear by Russ Berrie"
Target" the 14in Two Tone Teddy with Gift Card Holder by Russ Berrie"
Sunny" the 9in Wattle Animals with Rattle in Yellow by Gitzy"
"Sunil Nevla" the 10in Plush Pet Figure Mongoose by Littlest Pet Shop
"Spotty" the 9in Blue Spunky Plush Puppy by Gund Baby
""Smartie" the 20in Baby Bow Giraffe Stuffed Animal by Russ Berrie
Sky" the 7in Springtime Bunny Basket in Blue by The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company"
100 results
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