Poppy the Unicorn w/ Storybook and Adventure Bag

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Created in the belief that all children are brave, smart, and adventurous, Poppy and her adventure bag will stimulate and motivate your child to discover the wonders of the everyday world and find the joy in the little things along the way. While Poppy's story highlights her own adventure, she was designed to leap off the pages and inspire your child’s day-to-day adventures. Not only will Poppy's adventure bag help advance your child’s organizational skills by keeping track of their belongings, but will also be a part of their “portable” routine with a friend that always speaks their language. Reinvent your child’s every day activities by giving them the gift of adventure and a trusted companion.
    • ADVENTURE WITH POPPY: Go on an adventure with Poppy the Unicorn with the Poppy book set.
    • ALL-DAY ACTIVITY: This book set comes with a storybook, a stuffed animal, and matching treasure bags for both your child and the stuffed animal. Read the book then take the treasure bag exploring!
    • SOFT AND SNUGGLY: Poppy is made of very soft plush, which makes her the perfect cuddle buddy for your youngster.
    • QUALITY EMBROIDERED DESIGN: Poppy is carefully designed and features an embroidered face. Carefully crafted, your child’s stuffed animal will last for years.
    • PERFECT GIFT: Pawley and Poppy Book set makes the perfect gift for all occasions. For your child's next birthday or an upcoming holiday, give them the gift of adventure with Poppy the Unicorn!
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